Store Spotlight || Fête Linens


I'm thrilled to introduce to you all a chic new source for fun and festive linens, Fête Linens. Fête means party in French, so these are linens to make your next gathering more like a fabulous and unforgettable party. Fête Linens is a new embroidery venture by my sweet and talented friend Carolina.  You all know I love linens so am really excited about helping her spread the word of her fun and whimsical designs. She doesn't have a website yet, but you can follow her on Instagram and place any orders that way via direct message. One of her most popular designs are these ombre lips. She can do them in any color combination you desire. But she also has pineapples, leaves, butterflies, stars.......Let me show you more of her designs.

These palm leaves are tropical and vibrant. The green tones are really rich and are beautifully mixed.


The lovely thing about tea towels they can double as napkins for dinner parties.  See how beautiful they look?


And here you can see the lip tea towel as a napkin as well. ( I really love my Lisa Perry placemats.  My mom go them for me for Christmas. They have been in constant rotation since December! Highly recommend).


And I love that Fête Linens can do any design in metallic colors.  Metallics are elegant and modern and easily add excitement to any powder bathroom.  These stars in gold and silver are one of my favorite designs.  Totally stylish. (Also, everyone asks me about the Press for Champagne button- It's a great conversation starter when you place it in your powder room.  And the most unique gift for that person who has it all. Buy it here).


I know our friends in the Northeast just got tons of snow, but I promise that Spring is coming- so make room for these lovely bluebonnets.


Pineapples symbolize friendship, welcome and hospitality.  We should all have some of these for ours guests! Bronze and gold make them extra special.


Love these colorful butterflies.  They look kind of amazing in gold as well!


And let's not forgot that rosé weather should be coming soon.  You can get any of the tea towel designs you just saw on cocktail napkins as well!  Yes, please!


Cheers to our loved ones!  It's always better when we share special moments with friends.


Fête Linens can make your celebrations are little chicer, a little more fun and they also make great hostess gifts (and mother's day gifts! It's around the corner).  Follow Féte Linens for more!  It's exciting helping out a new brand headed by a great entrepreneur.  The sky is the limit! Cheers to making celebrations even more special.


[photos by AMCisneros]