Happy Spring!! It's exciting when the days are longer and summer gets closer.  I love all seasons, but I especially love the change from one to the next.  It's all about the anticipation for me and right now planning for our summer break is all I can think about.  Also, it will be nice to be over this terrible flu season which has beaten us down a few times this year!  Anyway, on to some colorful and useful things-

1. Andrea Gomez Colorful Flats. I just discovered these beautiful flats that come in the prettiest combinations- pink and red, gold and orange, blue and green and I'm kind of #obsessed with them. They seem so comfortable, totally make an outfit and the price point is not bad.  I'm not sure which are my favorite, but I'm leaning toward the green and blue!

2. Ever Night Facial. My friend highly recommended this serum and I'm thrilled I listened!  I can't deny it any longer, the wrinkles are there and all I want to do is appease them and try and foster healthy, glowing skin.  I believe in aging gracefully (although it's so hard sometimes!) and I think these sort of products really help.  I have been using this for about a week (every other night) and I'm very happy with the results.  And I love that the brand uses all natural ingredients. This serum has tetrapeptide and a potent form of Retinol in a nourishing base of botanical oils and omega-3 fatty acids.  It all sounds exactly what my skin needs at this point in my life.

3. Missoni Cookbook.  I'm a huge fan of Missoni designs and their fabulously chic family so was thrilled to hear of this new cookbook! Some of these recipes have become legendary in their gatherings of family and friends.  I definitely want to be in the know of their family cooking secrets!!!

4. Tisch New York Placemats.  I spotted these placemats on instagram and am thinking of adding them to my collection.  They come in the prettiest designs and colors....they are easy to care for (read wipe clean) and add a modern vibe to your tablescape.  Done!

5. Comrad Compression Socks. I started wearing compression socks on my long flights recently as my friend taught me you can never start too young. But mine are white and just sickly looking, not too exciting. Then my ultra chic cousin who is a jet-setting traveler introduced me to this brand.  Now I'm kind of excited for my next long haul so I can wear my new ones!