One Room Challenge || Playroom/ Study Room Makeover


The One Room Challenge is here!  I'm thrilled to be participating in the One Room Challenge  as a Guest Participant!!  The One Room Challenge was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago where she lines up twenty very talented featured designers to redo a room in just six weeks.  They share their progress every Wednesday.  And the Guest Participants (anyone can join!) report their progress on Thursdays.  So, today marks the start of our spring One Room Challenge journey.

Before we start, I want to give you a little bit of a background.  I have participated in this challenge twice as featured designer where I did my walk-in closet (so in love with my closet still!) and my family room (which btw looks very different now- more finished. This was the first ORC I did ever!! so you will notice it in the quality of photos. We live and we learn right?). I have also participated twice as a guest participant when I did my daughter's bedroom (my all-time favorite transformation!) and our  little mudroom.  I'm no stranger to this challenge (this is not my first rodeo) and know very well that six weeks comes and goes in a second and you keep your fingers crossed and hope that everything you ordered will get here on time.  Let's see what the future has in store.  I will be working on my daughter's playroom/study room this time around. 

Below are some photos of our current situation.  Everything you will see came over from our previous house, so I never did anything special to decorate this playroom/study space.  The shades were even adjusted from our old windows just to keep everything as inexpensive as possible.  But the time has come to make some changes to the playroom/study room.  Our daughter, Little Miss A, is now 10 years old and has a quite grown-up taste.  This makes for a perfect transition point. She has switched her dolls for board games and more art oriented activities (have you guys ever tried Paper Source classes??!  We are both #obsessed with all their crafting. They are so fun for this age group!). This is the perfect time to give her a more grown-up space that she can enjoy through her teen years and beyond.  Additionally, this area is also the space between two upstairs guest bedrooms so our guests will use it as their lounge/tv area as well. I'm aiming for a crisp, fresh and classic look.

Her playroom is on the second floor.  Once you  come up these two windows are the first thing you see.  These shades were so badly made!! I can't wait to get rid of them (can you see they are not even straight?).  I like the painting let's see if that stays there or not.


As you turn to the left you can see her little playroom/ study space. 


Here is a clearer view.  The fun chandelier is from Stray Dog Designs and this was a new purchase when we moved in 4 years ago.  I actually adore it and so does she so that stays! And since the rug matches I decided to have that stay, although I do have to have it cleaned ASAP!!!  The shade was again adapted from our previous house, the bookshelves are from Ikea as well as the chaise.  All that is going of course!  Little Miss A has a TV in this space but she never uses it (such a good thing!  She just uses the one in the family room downstairs!).  But our guests do use it when they visit so that will stay as well.  We will also likely keep her West Elm Parson's desk.  I actually really love it because it is good looking and chic.  I always envisioned a built-in bookshelf here, so I have been saving for it for a few years and I think now is the time.


Here is another view.  The sofa is an old Crate and Barrel sofa I bought with my first signing bonus ever (so yes, it is quite old, but has good bones).  We reupholstered it about 7 years ago but there is still some spilling and rough housing around here so I think I will want to keep it as is for a few more years.  Plus if the rug and the chandy are staying, the piping goes nicely with both.


Here you can see the stairs behind the sofa over that pony wall.  Not the best look, but there is not much we can do about it now.  Hopefully, I can re-arrange some of the art in my house and find something that will go nicely in that wall back there, which will help decorate this space.


Ok, so now you know what we are working with.  I have a pretty good sense of what stays and what needs to go.  This is the to-do list I envision:

  • new bookcase
  • new fabric for shades and ottoman cubes.  We need to think of color schemes that can work with the existing turquoise/light blue in here.  My daughter has shown interest in wanting a blue and white space, which I like. A LOT.  So this may very well be the direction we go in.
  • new pillows for sofa
  • nicer lounge chair
  • take a look at desk situation
  • take a look at table lamp situation
  • re-evaluate the art

A few inspiration photos


It kind of seems like we are into blue book cases right?  That could be a good way to go.  And all these have a white sofa which looks so good, but unfortunately is not happening quite yet. So much to think through!!

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I will have another update for you next Thursday!  And you also need to follow along the twenty featured designers (they post on Wednesdays! See them here for fabulous inspiration.  I few of them are good friends and I can't wait to see what they do!

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