Currently Coveting || Color


Bright colors never fail to cheer one up, so to give you enough energy to make it to Friday here are some pretty and colorful beauties.

I'm a huge fan of the framed vintage scarf look.  I have one in my office and am seriously obsessed.  Here is a sensational Gucci vintage scarf so you too can frame one (and here is a great etsy store with the lucite kits complete with gold bolts).  Because cooking is more fun with pretty books- this french cookbook and this Spanish one are ideal to round-out your collection. Don't be intimidated, the recipes in both are supposed to be for everyday dependable meals.  I'm so curious about this Givenchy roll-on primer. It eliminates excess shine and softens the look of imperfections.  This fun accent chair would look amazing just about a desk chair, flanking a console....It's carved rope-style frame and vibrant brushstroke fabric make it a standout piece. This set of four cacti cocktail napkins are inspired by Marfa.  I'm loving the pink and green color combination. You can never have too many pouches.  Am I right?  I always find something I need to use it for. This versatile piece is handcrafted by artisans and aside from the colorful jacquard textile on the front it has a fun yellow leather on the reverse. I think postcards should be more mainstream. I love writing and sending them- these colorful ones would be no exception. If you love to entertain outdoors these acrylic coupes are for you! They look like real glass but are conveniently made out of acrylic. Perfect to drinks your champs by the pool. Uber chic! If you are starting to think of Spring and Summer these colorful bracelets should be on your list.  And mismatched earrings are all the rage, do you own some already?  I thought the colors of these are just so pretty. This straw tote is pure fun.


[ 1. Gucci vintage scarf | 2. French cookbook and Spanish cookbook | 3. Givenchy make-up | 4. Armchair | 5. cactus cocktail napkins | 6. set of 4 dinner napkins | 7. pouch |. Lisa Perry x Connor postcards | 8. colorful acrylic coupes | 10. bracelets | 11. mismatched earrings | 12. straw tote]