A Few Things || Pink Cakes and more!


1 ||  Mercedes Salazar Earrings.  I have a few pairs of her earrings and just love them so much.  I'm thrilled she is being recognized more and more because I think she is so talented.  So I was excited to read that she made a special collaboration with Aerin Lauder, just one of the most stylish women ever, resulting in these beautiful raffia floral earrings.  So perfect for summer and only available here.

2 || Strawberry Layer Cake.  Not sure what it is about layer cakes that really attract me.  I think it's a combination of how beautiful they are and the hard work that goes into them seeing as though you have quite a few steps between making the cake, the filling and the frosting....plus then there is the assembly.  This strawberry beauty will be next in my baking list.  And so perfect for Valentine's! right?

3 || Wandler Bag.  It is very exciting to see new, modern, high quality brands make beautiful handbags at more affordable prices.  Similar to Mansur Gavriel, Wandler has tapped into this niche market of stylish but not uber expensive bags.  This bag specifically is sensational and comes in an array of colors. They have more styles as well if you are curious.

4 ||  Blue Box Cafe. Breakfast at Tiffany's is now literally possible!  I'm excited to try it in my next NY trip (I don't have any dates just day dreaming here). Holly Golightly would be jumping for joy.

5 || Taj Hotel in Udaipur India.  This stunning hotel in the middle of a lake is what dreams are made of.  A trip to India is in our plans for sometime in the next few years and it would be wonderful to visit this beautiful palace.  Have you been to India?  Share with me special recommendations please!

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