Friday Links


Happy Friday!  Now that I'm done with my 21 day detox (that was hard!) I can start planning some dinner parties.  Wouldn't it be nice to dine with a setting like the one above?  I do love a bread plate.  Do you know about Casa de Perrin?  If not you need to visit them here.  They have the prettiest tabletop items. A few links for the weekend-

FOOD || One of my favorite gifts to send for those people I want to pamper (and who also live in the Northeast because otherwise shipping is too expensive) are Jars by Dani. SO GOOD!!  They are basically cake in a jar ( I did a post on them a while back). They are a crowd pleaser for sure and guaranteed to WOW even the most elegant and sophisticated people. You can get 20% off with code BEMINE for the next few days.  Hurry!

PARENTING || I'm very worried about how iPhones and generally being connected 24/7 to the internet is affecting kids.  I'm hoping not to have to get my daughter a cell phone 'till at least 8th grade. Have you heard about Wait Until 8th? This movement is getting stronger and stronger and there is good reason why- read this and this article.

LIVING|| Looking for a home in Italy (Sardinia to be exact) and have $1.20? Yes, you read that right one dollar and twenty cents. WHAT?!!!

LIVING|| Fresh ideas from a Seattle home.

INTERIORS|| 80 best websites for online furniture shopping.  YES!!! Totally bookmarking this one. There were so many places I had never heard of.

INTERIORS|| 31 best websites to buy art online. Another great article you won't want to miss!

TRAVEL || 15 unexpected places that are now hotels.

FASHION || Starting to think of warmer days ahead?  This cute top is so cute and goes with everything (and it's under $50!). And I love that these shoes are on sale!

Happy Weekending.

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