Design || The Womb Chair

When I went to meet my friend Elizabeth's new baby I naturally got a tour of her precious nursery.  And one of the things that caught my attention was her choice for a feeding chair- Eero Saarinen's womb chair.  I never realized just how comfortable this chair actually is.  Designed in 1948 under Knoll's task to build a chair where he could "curl up in" Saarinen came up with this iconic design. The premise of this chair is that it will provide comfort by its shape and not by the depth of the cushioning. Saarinen and Knoll collaborated with a ship builder who was experimenting with fiberglass to help develop this chair.  Now I'm obsessed. This photo above is not helping matters either.  Now I want a pink shaggy rug like that and a pink womb chair to go with it! I guess for now I will need to settle for my pink sheep skin coziness.

It is very inviting, isn't it?

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