Spring Break Packing

This week is all about getting ready for our upcoming vacation which means an extra long list of to-dos.  And this time around it's a really long one.  It's only Tuesday  and I'm already exhausted.  I feel like I accomplished so much yesterday and just hope today is filled with the same sense of accomplishment. I'm happy to report the sneakers I ordered specifically for the trip arrived and they are SUPER!!  We are going somewhere sunny, and far and really, really interesting.  I will share it with you later on this week.  But for now, here are a few bright and cool things to consider for any upcoming getaways.

I will be the first to admit that even though I love bikinis I'm shy about wearing them post baby (which means I will wear them with my immediate family but not necessarily when a larger group is involved) but that cute polka dotted number is very tempting.  My Classpass workouts are going well and feel like my body has improved, but has it improved enough? hmmmmm. The fun and bright yellow shorts are bold and just perfect for the beach.  That ruffled tee is inexpensive and comes in different colors.  Ruffles are so feminine and look good on everyone.  The straw tote is a must to carry all the beach accoutrements.  Comfortable beach sandals are a necessity as well.  The very chic and elegant dress or cover-up could easily be dressed up or down.  The one piece bathing suit is spectacular.  I'm a HuGE fan of plunging necklines and think a bathing suit is the perfect time to wear one.  Mirrored aviators- of course! That straw clutch that goes with everything.  With those earrings you only need to bring one pair because they go with everything and of course you need some more formal sandals for evenings out.  

But honestly, aside from the sneakers that just arrived you know what is also coming with me which I have been wearing to death for almost two years straight?  How can something so cheap have given me so much pleasure!  I hope Zara will carry it again this year.

Any spring break plans in your future?