Recipes to help you survive this cold winter (from the Rose and Ivy Journal)

By this point most of the country is freezing and tired of the cold.  Even Dallas has been hit hard this year with cold weather.  But I have some great recipes, by Alison from the Rose and Ivy Journal, to help you better survive this cold wave.  If you don't know about the Rose Rose and Ivy Journal it is a beautifully curated online magazine covering fashion, food, beauty and design.  The latest issue just launched and I was just entranced by it all, but especially drawn to the recipes (as in I have my shopping list ready to go!)

The first recipes are meant to brighten up your day with flavorful lemons and pomelos. Recipes include citrus vanilla bean poundcake with blood orange glaze and lemon shortbread cookies with lemon curd.  These recipes (if not the photos) should get you thinking about the tropics and warmer days ahead.  The second set of recipes to help you survive these glacial days are of warm cozy soups to comfort you and your family- like roasted winter vegetable soup, potato, leek and broccoli soup, and white bean and kale soup among others (soup recipes here).  So, yes the Rose and Ivy Journal has plenty of recipes to carry you through the rest of winter.  Alison's beautiful and inviting photography alone will inspire you to get cooking right away. Here are more photos to fire up your taste buds-

and here are some soups-

I'm ready to make these recipes a reality this weekend.  See all soup recipes here.  But really the Rose and Ivy Journal has so much more than just amazing recipes.  It is filled with great fashion editorials, stories about how olive oil is made, shoppable fashion picks and make-up recommendations (dying to try this primer. Can you believe I don't own a primer?)  Oh and ifyou love chocolate you need this recipe here. I promise you will be inspired by Rose and Ivy and won't be able to wait for the Spring issue.

[ All photos by Alison via Rose and Ivy Journal]