On My Mind || Tropical Parrots and other Things

I am longing for the tropics as you might be able to tell from the lush greens in this post.  This parrot necklace is quite provocative, chic and just so much fun.  Ideal for any beach getaways you have planned if you are not afraid to wear something like it.  I love wearing interesting pieces like this and would wear it proudly.  If earrings are more your thing they have them too!  Now, let's talk about this cookbook.

My friend recently bought it and sent me photos of the recipes she made last week and they all seemed amazing.  Her husband has been quite happy with the meals and had even asked for seconds and thirds.  This is the best kind of review in my book.  I'm so excited to to get it. I hope it arrives before the weekend.  I leafed through it and the photographs are stunning and the recipes seem divine and not terribly difficult.  This eye-candy of a painting is by Jenny Prinn. I love the pretty color combination and its petite size is just perfect for an added pop of color in a gallery wall.  Yet, I find it strong enough to stand on its own as well.  Jenny Prinn's pieces are beautiful and playful, you need to see her other works.  This fun outdoor leaf ottoman is quite preppy and perfect for your terrace (yes, there should be warmer days coming soon).  And this jade python bag with the sleek handle is just too perfect for words.  Green is such a good color,  don't you agree? It's joyful, peaceful and hopeful.

Ok so confess, would you wear that parrot necklace?  Or do you think I'm insane for loving it so much?