Gift Guide || The Fashionista

A gift guide for all those fashion lovers in your circle of loved ones.  I hope you find some inspiring choices here.

1 ||  Lipstick.  There is nothing more fun than getting a bright lipstick color- something provocative and unexpected.

2 ||  Wood and baroque pearl necklace.  I have long been an admirer of Gold and Gray's beautiful designs.  I love the contrast of the wood with the baroque pearls.  This is a must have for sure and it goes with everything.

3 ||  Black embellished clutch.  This little beauty is at such a good price point and I just love its fun colors.

4 ||  Nailpolish set.  These are such festive colors. They are perfect to celebrate the season.

5 || Beaded clutch.  This is such a cute and fun clutch at a great price point. It is guaranteed to be worn to death, I think!

6  ||  White and black clutch.  Love this one with that bow on the zipper.  It's a classic.  I know I have three clutches here, I just think they are an easy gift that most anyone will love.

7  || Personalized cape.  Such a cozy and perfect gift.  Nothing says "you are special" like a monogrammed gift.  Do you remember my post on blanket coats?  Well, here is one you could get for only $75.

8 ||  BudhaGirl all-weather bangles.  I own these and ADORE them.  They are plastic filled with gold dust so they don't weigh anything and they don't make any noise when you run around during the day. Plus, each gold bangle represents an intention for the day. As you put them on, you are affirming your nine intentions in the morning and the nine thoughts of gratefulness at night when you take them off. This is truly the perfect (and thoughtful) gift for everyone on your list. And did I mention you can use them in the pool and are TSA approved?  So you don't have to take them off ever!  The.Perfect.Present.

9  ||  Headphones.  Uhm...coolest headphones ever.

10 ||  Parrot earrings.  These are expensive, but aren't they magical?

Tomorrow I will be sharing some photos of my Thanksgiving table....well, if they come out alright I haven't really looked at them yet.

What other gift ideas do you have for those fashionista's out there?