Gift Guide || Men

I'm kind of excited about this "MEN" gift guide today because even though I'm not a man I would love to have a few of these the brass ruler for example, or the copper speaker....even the tissue box!  Men are difficult, don't you agree?  I hope these suggestions help in some way.

1 ||  Brass ruler.  Pretty fabulous if you ask me.  It would be the ideal finishing touch for his desk.

2 ||  Pajamas.  You can't go wrong with a set of pajamas.  I think its one of those things they never think to get for themselves. Plus, nothing beats a cozy gift.

3 || El Bulli coffee table book.  A manly coffee table book for once.  It follows Ferran Adria and his adventures running what was considered the world's best restaurant.  And it includes recipes, of course, although I'm not sure how easy they would be. The marble cover makes it in my opinion.

4 ||  Sunglasses.  These are faux tortoise shell, but so chic nonethless. And the blue lenses complete the look.

5 || Copper speaker.  This is the coolest speaker I have seen in a while. It works via bluetooth and it also works for conference calls. The design is award winning and the sound is supposed to be exceptional.

6 ||  Vest.  I love a man in a vest and this one is perfect for layering, even under a blazer.  I'm getting my husband a similar one.  The orange one is all kinds of cool and they have a purple one too!

7 || Classic Tie.  In my view these ties are heirlooms to be taken care of for the next generation.  I love that they appear to have a classic design but a closer look reveals fun and playful critters.

8 || Weekend bag.  This one is perfect for the gym or other manly endeavors.

9 ||  Horseshoe game.  This would be a fun and unexpected surprise for sure.  Let your man be the hero at the next picnic date.

10 ||  Tissue box cover.  Isn't this beautiful?  I love the finish of the wood. I can see it in a library or even for his bedside table.  A very elegant gift.  He never knew he needed this. Phew! Good thing he has you.

I still need to get my dad something. The husband is covered already...phew!! Gift giving is a complicated business for sure.  I know hugs and kisses always go over well with him.