Gift Guide || Kids

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and then an amazing weekend filled with family for my cousin's wedding.  What a beautiful and joyous occasion it was.  I always love seeing all the little ones run around at weddings.  I think they are the ones that have the most fun and just look like little butterflies running around in their silk bows and beautiful party dresses.  So, after this I have kids on my mind.  Here are some fun gifts that I think you will enjoy giving.

1 || New Balance sneakers.  These come in the coolest color combinations for both boys and girls.  I'm in love with their retro feel.  Little Miss A has a pair that she doesn't take off.  Plus, I love giving a gift that encourages running and jumping.

2 || Old school prank kit.  I had a few of these items growing up and have so many fond memories of me playing tricks on my friends and the adults around me.  The gum snap and whoopee cushions were definitely my favorites. I think these younger generations need an introduction to old school kind of fun.

3 ||  Faux Fur vest.  This cute little item would be ideal for that budding fashionista on your list.

4 || Design your old shield.  I love giving kids craft kits because not only do they stay busy for a while, they also let their imaginations soar.  I just loved this wooden shield kit which they can transform into a knight-inspired shield or a family crest. It would be perfect for both girls and boys.

5 ||  Bunny slippers. These are the cutest bunny slippers I have seen. And they seem so soft and cuddly.

6 || Binoculars.  Another oldie but a goodie.  With these kids can have hours of fun playing explorer, spies, or just contemplating nature. This is another wonderful gift that gets kids outside and using their imaginations.

7 || Stuffed animal rocker.  This is perfect for that baby or young toddler on your list. And the price is pretty fabulous too at $55! (usually $165).  My cousin gave me a similar one for Little Miss A when she was born and it was in heavy rotation here for a few years.  Rocker's at such hits with the little ones.

8 ||  Table tennis.  Fun for everyone not matter the age and it is easy to travel with.

There you have it!!  And can you believe there are no electronics on this list? What other gift suggestions do you have for kids?