Swan (Hollywood Regency Inspired) Birthday Party

Little Miss A's Swan birthday party was a big success.  She and her sweet friends had a wonderful time and I had so much fun putting everything together.  Originally, I had wanted to set the little table for the girls outside but the Dallas temperatures were prohibitive, so I had to set up camp inside in our kitchen....not as pretty but definitely cooler.  If you have been reading you know the original theme was inspired by the Hollywood Regency look, but in order to get my little girl on board and excited about the theme I translated it to a SWAN party-  after all, it was all about the huge swan floatie.


It was a swan party but of course I needed to have some fabulous plastic flamingos.  They are the perfect size to fit among the flowers. I also added faux flowers to some gold crowns for each little guest.  They were in heaven.

The cake was divine! Divine in my book equals dulce de leche filling and Italian meringue frosting. My friend Paola from Unique Party is the artist behind this beauty.  We always order our cakes form her.  She is seriously talented and always amazes me with her creations.  If you are in the Dallas area keep her in mind for your next event. 

More of the table....cause I liked it so much.  The flamingo straws, the gold and white plates and mason jar tops are from my favorite online party supply store Via Blossom.

And the swan piñata. So graceful.  It was so sad to see it get destroyed, but the kids didn't think twice about it. Little Miss A always has the prettiest piñatas.  This was last year's from her Kokeshi doll party.

The large balloons were also from Via Blossom.  I just added some pink, white and gold ribbons to make them more festive. The large size make them very festive.  I thought two dressed up the place beautifully.  here below are some cuties.

I forgot to take more photos of my meringue swans, so I will show you the photo I took with my iPhone.  My grandmother used to make these. And I always loved them but was  intimidated by them.  But this time around I had to try and make them for this Swan party, if not now when, right?  The moment was just exactly right to venture in this culinary experience. It was quite a successful adventure I must say. They were delicious!  They are basically like a meringue sandwich with frozen whipped cream in the middle. To Die For. They brought back a lot of memories.  Would you anyone be interested in the recipe?  If you are I can make them again and do a step by step.  They are easy, peasy promise!

And then the candles, well sparklers actually.  They were so hard to light but wao did they look beautiful!

The striped tablecloth really pulled it all together.  And it looks amazing with pink.  I'm obsessed with this look.  You might remember a similar tablesetting I did with the same black and white striped look but with placemats and pink napkins here.

And so my friends, another year is marked. It is exciting and nostalgic all at once.  On the one hand I want to freeze time and have my sweet little girl stay seven forever and on the other I'm excited to see her grow, learn and accomplish so many things.  I have to keep reminding myself to cherish every moment because they grow up in the blink of an eye. I'm really the luckiest mom in the world to have such a sweet angel in my life.  Celebrating her is one of my favorite things to do, of course.  

What celebrations do you have coming up?

[all photos by AC]