An Original Summer Food Pairing- Hot Dog Tacos

Hot dogs and tortillas??!!  It may sound a little cray, cray but it is out of this world good.  I decided to upgrade the usual grilled summer hot dog (#greatergrilling) by adding some cilantro and grape tomatoes inside a divine hand-made tortilla. Mouth watering?  Wait till you see my pretty summer table setting.

If you are my usual, loyal readers I know you are dying to know about my placemats, yes?  and you will love my answer- Ikea (available here. You are welcome!!). They are plastic (wipe off easy) and oh so chic with my gold flatware.  I think they are my new best friends.  Oh and because I love you so deeply the flamingo salt and pepper shakers are from here.

Now for the good stuff - The Food. Hebrew National hot dogs are where our loyalties lie when it comes to franks and the ones I trust to treat our friends and family with because quality ingredients are very important to us (no artificial colors, flavors or fillers. thank you!).  Plus they are just so deliciousand make for #greatergrilling experiences.

Hot Dog Tacos

Ingredients ||

6 grilled hot dogs (cut up into small pieces)

1 cup grape tomatoes


Lime juice of one lime

Soft tortillas (warmed on stove top) or make them from scratch if you are up to it.

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl (except for the tortillas, of course!) and pour them into each warmed tortilla.  Garnish with a slice of lime. 

You can even add a squirt of the traditional hot dog condiments inside the tortilla- Gulden's mustard and Hunt's ketchup for a more traditional taste.

I accompanied this dish with a caprese salad with basil from our own backyard.  Divine! 

And for dessert I grilled up some ripe peaches, drizzled some honey on top and added a sprinkling of granola and garnished with some fresh mint from our yard (we are still trying to figure out how this plant ended in our yard when we didn't even plant it. But we aren't complaining!) . WAO!! This dessert melts in your mouth.

If hot dogs and feta and hand-made tortillas with a side of caprese is not an original food pairing, then I don't know what is!  And finished off with some grilled peaches.....This screams summer to me.  

What original food pairings have you tried out lately?  It's all about breaking preconceptions, isn't it?

"With grilling season upon us, everyone is craving an all-American hot dog. What makes a kosher hot dog different? It's all about what makes the cut ( and what doesn't).  Hebrew National is choosy about what goes into their franks - only 100% pure kosher beef so you know what you're getting and they taste great. No artificial flavors, colors, fillers or byproducts."

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Hebrew National via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Hebrew National."

[all photos by AC]