On My Mind || Pink

Did you see these amazing paintings over at The Pink Pagoda yesterday?  They are by very talented Susie Bettenhausen and all Pink Pagoda readers get a 40% discount!  They are very affordable and I recommend you go check them out. I'm thinking I may get the one pictured above, so I call dibs on that one!  

So, pink is on my mind since Little A's birthday party is tomorrow and we have plenty of this color making its appearance, of course.

But really, I'm just dying over these earrings!  I just love their round shape.  And the rattan chair is ideal as an accent or even as a desk chair. How glamorous right? The fashion book is a must-have coffee table book. How cute would a pair of the pink and purple benches look tucked away beneath a console table...aahhhhh! a girl can dream!  I'm still a huge fan on the tassel earrings and think they look so good on everyone that they won't go anywhere. The Louis Vuitton rings caught my attention because of their novel shape.  And I think the crystals just reminded me of high school.  Did any of you ever wear one? 

Pink, pink, lovely pink.  What color is on your mind lately?