Product Scoop || B by Brandie China


In my ideal home I would have enough space to accommodate closet after closet filled with all kinds of china. From modern to vintage, from casual to elegant, my china collection would be fabulous.  I recently came across B by Brandie's beautiful line of eclectic china and just had to share it with you. I fell in love with everything. Her collections offers magical combinations of colors and patterns that, in my opinion, would create a festive and beautiful tablescape.  When it comes to a special meal a pretty table is half the battle, no? Take a look at her inventive and fun collections. Her glassware designs are equally as spectacular.

Brandie is one talented lady.  Plus, she is lives in Dallas too! I'm kind of obsessed. Mouthwatering right?  Would you invest in several sets of china?  Or do you save your closet space for other treasures?

[images via B by Brandie]