Blanket Coats for Fall

I know its the beginning of August and that it is probably super hot where you are right now but I need you to keep an eye out for these blanket coats creeping up.  When you start thinking about your fall wardrobe and begin looking for coats....keep this trend in mind- The blanket coat is "a look" that I think we will be seeing plenty of.  And why not?  These coats seem so you kind of rolled out of bed with your comforter and blanket all around you.... I feel like the long cold winters would be more bearable with one of these.  This one is by far my favorite.

A poncho or a huge scarf (like this one that is currently on sale for $29!!) will get you the look as well. Or maybe even a horse blanket on top of your regular coat. What fall trends do you think will be hot this year?

Here are some beautiful blanket coat options for you-

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