Slip-on Sneakers

Never say never, right?  I remember reading about these slip-on sneakers in January of 2013 over at The Now Stylebook and thinking - "goodness I would never wear those". Flashforward a year and I am crazy in love with my slip-on sneakers.  They are so comfortable and easy I have not taken them off all summer.  They were my go-to shoes for our trip to Paris where I wanted to have very pampered and comfortable feet yet look chic and put together.  And they sure did the trick as I felt very stylish. Now, I'm thinking I need a second pair for the fall.

Here are some excellent slip-on sneaker options.  Even high-end designers like Prada and Lanvin have their version of these sneakers ( like these Saint Laurent ones- TDF!) 

What are some trends you thought you would never partake in and now are totally obsessed with?  Or am I the only fickle soul (or should I say sole!) here?

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