On My Mind || Pastels

I have to start with these super cute, stylish and fun shoes.  Did you see the prices?  It's so great to find such good deals.  We need a break every once in a while right?  The pink scalloped flats are from J.Crew factory.  I know what you are wondering...will I ever use pink shoes? I have a pair of pink ballerinas that I thought I would barely wear and I wear them so much I'm sure one day they will run my errands for me so I can stay in bed. No seriously, they go with a lot and just make a regular outfit peppy!  They also have those scalloped flats in blush and black for a more toned down but equally chic look.  And those blue loafers!  They would be so great with jeans and a white top.

That pastel green clutch is really the perfect color and the leather just seems so yummy. The blush blouse is inexpensive and I can tell would be a perfect Spring staple.  The earrings have that WAO factor.  I just loved how Liz styled them.  Another inexpensive item in this list is the white Spring pouch with the perfect amount of sparkle.  And can we just all gawk at these amazing placemats!!  So, so cute!  And this Jonathan Adler Chair for JCPenney's home collection is on super sale ($179 from $600!).  It really is a fun accent chair and maybe even perfect for that tween or teenager.  I like it a lot and I'm neither.  Also this amazing Jonathan Adler bed is a steel for $849 (down from $2,835).  Someone get it fast!

Thank you all for taking my little survey.  I really, really appreciate it.  I have found some interesting feedback which I will share with you all tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day sweet friends.