Etsy Favorites || Part 1

I have hoarded and hoarded so many etsy shops under 'my favorites' that I have 39 pages!  Too many shops if you ask me. In an effort to organize them for easy and quick referral I decided to start a series highlighting my favorites.  I'm thinking it will take me four additional posts to highlight the best picks as I go through the list.  Some of these shops I have bought items from and some others I have discovered via other blogs and have been seriously coveting some of the items.  I hope you find here some new favorites as well!  This first one is -

Pearls and Pastries ||  I bought the cute sequins hangers for my daughter for Christmas and she loves them.  They bring an extra bit of sparkle to her closet and add some character.

Sofie's Gallery || Isn't this painting so pretty?  I just love the color palette. She has other beautiful abstracts at very reasonable prices.  I strongly believe everyone should have a great collection of original art.  No matter your budget you can always find great artists.

Pamela Munger ||  I just love the pretty color combinations of this painting.  The price and size relationship is a good one in this shop as well, just like the shop above.

Lux Hold Ups ||  Talk about the chicest towel bar ever.  This shop you should really bookmark.  They have fabulous acrylic and brass towel bars and curtain rods as well as curtain rings- perfect details for some easy home updates.

Mapleton Drive ||  Agate Bookends are 'in', if you haven't noticed.  This shop has some great geode items like boxes, napkin rings and of course these beautiful bookends and some pretty cute jewelry as well. You will want to look into this one for sure.

Light Cookie || this pendant light conglomeration is so cool.  All the creations here are unique and modern.  I also love this wood pendant light and think it would be ideal in a powder bathroom.

Boho Pillow ||  This shop has some great Moroccan Wedding blanket pillows. I just love the ecclectic vibe they give off and add that touch of boho chic.

Smith Handmade || I'm adoring these fabulous napkins with a touch of neon.  They also make cocktail napkins and pillows with a neon edge.

Besotte Brand || Loving this cute stationery.  They offer different monogram styles for stationery and stamps as well.  This is a great shop to have in mind for gifts for friends.

The Lovely Wall ||  I have been lusting after these little wall decal stars for a while now.  I am wanting to decorate my closet and would love to add wallpaper but it may be out of budget for the moment so I was thinking a fun update with wall decals could do the trick (they come in all kinds of colors and shades).  How cute would these bee decals be in pink for a girls' room?

Royal Design Stencils || This Indian Wall Stencil is another option for my closet project that would be inexpensive and pretty- a perfect combination in my view.

Berkley Illustration || Such perfect prints for kids' rooms.  I have seen sets of these of different animals in gold frames or just one in a gallery wall and they really stand out.  They have some cute girlier ones for girls.  They inspire the creativity for sure and are perfectly whimsical for kids' rooms or playrooms.

I will have another set of etsy shops next week for you.  Happy Hump day friends.