Girls with Flowers

It seems that pretty flowers are all we have in our minds lately.  When I go to the supermarket it is the first thing I check- What cute little bunch will I take home today?   It is officially Spring but we are all waiting for the warmer temperatures to actually materialize.  Patience is a virtue right?  

Thank you to all who participated in my survey.  It was so great to receive such honest feedback.  It really gives me more direction to know what is working, what isn't, what can be improved. Yeay!  I'm reinvigorated and hope to step it up a bit here on the blog.  You have encouraged me so and for that I'm so thankful.

A lot of my readers are not bloggers which I love!  I had an inkling this was the case but it was nice to have this confirmed. This fact helps me chose topics because sometimes I find something fabulous but that might be supersaturated in the blogging world but would be exciting news to one who isn't a blogger. Many of you liked the variety of topics which was nice to hear and would like more mention of kid finds and more of a variety of price points when I highlight items.  Done, and done. Also, you all seem to like the DIYs and the skill level they are at (easy but with good quality results).  I am taking all this feedback very seriously.   Kisses to each one and everyone of you for your help.  And now for some fun links-

||  If you are wondering about that floral jacket in the first photo.  TDF (To Die For) right?  it's from here.

||  Since we are on the topic of flowers....I want to buy edible flowers so I can make a cake like this.  Isn't it the prettiest thing you have ever seen?  And I'm dying to make these cookies.

||  The prettiest flower photographs for your home are Gaby's of course.  I have one and will soon have two!  And I have seen them in large format and they are stunning.

|| Talking about Spring and wanting to be outside this is a great patio table DIY.  Erin always comes up with the cleverest ideas.

|| This one has nothing to do with flowers but I loved my friend's Nicole redesign of her living room space.  I think you will enjoy it as well. It's edgy, modern and very cool.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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