Pink Inspiration

Happy Friday!  I'm thrilled for the weekend as I'm sure you all are as well.  Yesterday I saw Sally wearing this cute pink coat (which she blogged about here) and now have the color stuck in my head- I find it so feminine, romantic, and soothing.  I thought it would be the perfect pick-me-up to start the weekend off in the right mood.

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Lips of pink! A few of my favorite pink lip shades lately are this one, this one and this one for summer. Learn how to make a silhouette pillow like that one here.  So cute right!  They would be fun even for boys in blue or green.  This hole room is precious go see more photos of it here | Pink Animal Cake.  Even though my daughter's birthday is still six months away I would love to use this as inspiration.  It's so precious! |  The stool please.  Heaven on earth for sure. What a blush beauty. Ginger donut cookies- they just look so pretty in their frosting and sprinkle attire.

Some other cute pink things-
This scarf is amazing!  I would frame it- it's that pretty.  And these pretty pink earrings are even prettier because they are on sale!

My daughter is starting skating lessons this weekend, wish us luck! Happy weekending my sweets.