Book to Outfit || Ping Pong Diplomacy- The Sporty Edition

I have so many exciting things for you today I don't even know where to start!  The most important one is that one of my family members who is a well-known author, Nicholas Griffin,  has published his latest novel, Ping Pong Diplomacy: The secret history behind the game that changed the world.  We are all beyond excited and are so filled with pride. Nick is always educating us while keeping us highly entertained with his fabulous novels. I received my copy only a few days ago.  So, even though I just started reading it I'm very intrigued. Why? I had no idea ping-pong, politics, and spies were ever intertwined in real life. This novel gives us the historical facts enveloped in an exciting plot that changed the history of the relationship between China and the US. The New York Times has this great article on it you can read here.  I had to share this exciting news with you and what better way to celebrate than to bring you a sporty outfit (you can easily play ping-pong with) to mark the occasion. So, I made a 'book to outfit' post instead of the usual 'art to outfit' post. Playing ping-pong is the new way of spreading good will. Play it!

I'm of course dying over this cozy preppy sweater and the sneakers! help!  I  hated these sneakers the first time I realized they were in vogue through Elizabeth's blog here (note my comment).  But now I'm adoring them (my mom even has a pair).

Other exciting news from the weekend- I met Lindsay and Sam.  It's all true- they are even more fun and more fabulous, and sweeter than you envision them to be, ..oh and way more beautiful too and so smart! Love those girls.

Get the novel. Read it. Learn your history between the US and China (so pertinent today!) and enjoy it.