On My Mind || Color

I love it when school is in session- everyone is just happier abiding by a routine.  Like they say 'man is a creature of habit'.  So, I have some colorful things for you today starting off with that beautiful corner in Todd Alexander Romano's kitchen.  I love the dramatic but elegant color combination of the blue and yellow.  Also, I just love the way he so naturally mixes the Saarinen table with Regency chairs. There is an art to mixing periods for sure.

Apple Cider Vinegar  ||  What is so exciting about Apple Cider Vinegar? I know this is what you are thinking, but I just have to tell you that for about two months now I have been mixing two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a squirt of agave nectar for sweetness and a cup of grapefruit juice every mid-morning as a snack. I started it because my friend Elizabeth said is helps with bloating and burning fat and even though I did not notice any improvement in this area I did notice a major improvement on my skin-  it is smoother with less pimples.  It's amazing my friends.  I didn't want to share with you until I knew for a fact that it wasn't my imagination.  I'm no newbie to Apple Cider Vinegar as I frequently use it mixed with water to rinse out my hair instead of using conditioner and it works beautifully. Try it!  And Apple Cider vinegar is wonderful for many other reasons.  See here. Truth? or urban legend?

Necklace ||  This is a necklace created by Mario Testino  in collaboration with Vicki Sage for his Alta Moda photography exhibition (now showing in NY at the Queen Sofia Spanish Insitute) celebrating traditional Peruvian costumes and crafts. Mario Testino is Peruvian himself so this was a tribute to his roots and quite a departure from his high-fashion photography. Pretty fun right to have so much meaning behind an object?  You could easily become the life of the party wearing this necklace.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea ||  I loved this idea for a little Valentine's Day treat for my daughter's classmates.  Instead of candy this old-school ruler with a clever little message would be a hit! (well, at least with the moms, not sure about the kids).  Now, where to find a ruler like this?  

Gray Malin's Photos || Are on sale on One King's Lane thru Sunday. I really love his bird's eye view photos of the beach and ski slopes.  Those are my favorite.  If you are not familiar with his work check out his website here.  I think they work best in the largest format (60x44) to really make a statement.

Happy Thursday!  Make it a colorful one.