Affordable Adorations || Tropical edition

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Just a few affordable finds for you today- some for you and some for your home. I know I'm getting ahead of myself on the warmer weather theme but since it has been freeeeezing here and our heat hasn't been working for the last few days ( can you imagine?!  It's Murphy's Law that this should happen during the coldest days of the year) I have been thinking about warmer weather and I found these great little things I thought you might like.

Banana Leaf Prints ||  You all know about my fascination with The Aestate's work from all the times I have blogged about it so its no wonder I have fallen in love with her latest prints which are a series of four inspired by the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper.  How fabulous would they all look hung together? They come in a large format (20x30) which just adds to their tropical drama.

Tin Plates ||  Can we all please just admire these tin plate beauties with the fabulous antique patterns?  They are just $10 each.  I just want to get on my bike with a picnic basket filled with these plates, a bottle of champagne and a french baguette (oooh and maybe some brie and prosciutto too!).  They would make an excellent hostess gift as a set as well.

Embroidered Clutch ||  Cute and colorful- it goes with everything. It would be perfect for those weekend beach getaways where you pack light.  You can get away with just this clutch to go with ALL your beachy dresses.

Straw hat ||  This hat is elegant and gives you full coverage with its wide brim- what could be better?  Very Missoni no? and its only $5 bucks!  Nowadays there isn't much you can get for this amount of money.

Stay warm friends.  I can't wait until I don't need to wear my coat inside my house.