Gilded Trim

Ever since I saw Christian Liaigre's (one of my favorite furniture designers) Paris apartment in a magazine spread I just keep daydreaming about that fabulous gold trim. The panelling is so beautiful and goes perfectly with the moldings and large sale spaces.  So I wonder, Can I make something like this work in my home which is newer, has more modern lines, and lower ceilings?  Plus the room I envision this gold trim has dark brown colored walls.   Am I crazy?  Will it look like a whore house?


The room I'm talking about is our master.  Here is a corner of it to remind you of my headboard and side table (the wall color will be way darker than in the photo).

My mom who is usually the voice of reason to these crazy ideas was actually on board with it.  She thinks it will look very chic.  This is kind of the last push I needed. Ok, I think I may go for it.  I think the trick will be finding the perfect gold tone for that trim so it doesn't look cheesy and cheap.  I will keep you posted. Let's see, fingers crossed please (and toes!) that this experiment works out.  But if any of you think I'm making the worst mistake ever do let me know asap!

[all photos via WSJ , except the last one by me]