Highlights || Of the latest One Room Challenge

The fabulous Linda from Calling it Home, has come up with such an amazing concept- The One Room Challenge (ORC)- she gathers and coordinates some crazy talented bloggers  as they transform one room to a new and ideal space in just six weeks.  I have been following this challenge for a few "seasons" already and I have to say it is quite exciting to see the "before" and "after" shots of some great spaces.  Not only is this such a wonderful source of new design ideas but it is also so entertaining to meet fellow bloggers with similar interests.  And half the fun is learning about new paint colors and fabulous furniture sources.  This season was quite exciting.  I will highlight some images that really caught my attention as some DIYs that are killer.  And really, it's just fun to snoop around other people's homes.  From bathroom makeovers, to dining rooms, to playrooms.  Here we go-

I'm partial to this room because Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda is a good friend and I adore her style (also, I took the photos!).  This is her daughter's room.  Pretty right?  I loved her Spoonflower source, Sparrowsong, which has amazing fabrics (many of which you will recognize).

Also, she designed quite the gallery wall.  Visit her here for more details.

Naomi's makeover's from Design Manifest were aahhhhmazing. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Amazing right?  Love that chandy?  you can get it here.  For more of Naomi visit her here.  And the coolest powder bathroom transformation is Gaby's (from the Vault Files).  She took many of the photographs on display which are available in her etsy shop here. Her list of other art sources is fab on her reveal post here.

 I also need to show you Linda's, the hostess of the ORC,  family room reveal. It's fresh, comfortable and casually elegant. 

And I'm in love with these lovely prints she added from the Pink Pagoda (It's all a bit incestuous I know!) and she just added them to her shop.  Buy them here!

 Then we have Pam's fabulous rast dresser makeover with faux ostrich fabric that just looks like a million bucks plus those hacked ikea mirrors.  Visit her here for all the details. 

Another fabulous Ikea hack is this pendant.  Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home added the rope to add weight to the pendant and make it more industrial looking.  Wao! I'm in love with this idea.  How fun to do this in a boy's room. Also, those curtains hanging from her four poster bed are (are you ready?!) extra long shower curtains from etsy (get 'em here).  Aren't these ladies so creative and resourceful??  And the trick is that it must all look really good and legit. I love it.

Elizabeth from The Little Black Door did such a labor of love in this family room!  It colorful, fun, and so, so happy!  I want to be a kid in this household!  And please note the stripes on the floor (she is into every little detail).

And I really fell in love with Erin from Design Crisis, she is so funny!  This was her breakfast area.  I'm a wild wall color kind-of-a-gal so it was no surprise that I loved this reveal!

And of course an ORC would not be an ORC if it did not include a fabulous laundry room reveal.  Doesn't this make you want to do laundry?  Visit here more fabulous shots of the space.

Two other fun playrooms/study rooms are these two below.  You can really get creative in a kid's space.  This first one is by Holly from The English Room.  It's bold and exciting.  You can never have a dull moment in that space. The second one is by Susie from Maddie G.  Isn't that mural photograph of her kids so cool?  She got it here but you need to read all the pertinent details if you are wanting to do something similar. She adds some great details about the process and who to talk to (aren't these ladies so helpful too!).

And to leave you all relaxed and soothed here is this wonderful and peaceful bedroom by The Design Addict Mom. You know why you are perceiving such peace? Because it's all Feng Shui'd up! See more details here.

Ok, that's it!  That was my little recap of all the things that caught my attention and I wanted to pass on to you.  Congrats to all the ORC participants for their effort, hard work  and amazing results and to Linda for her dedication and being such a perfect hostess.  I bet it was quite the juggling act!  But she came out triumphant as always!

[I linked to all the blogs which are the original sources of each photo.  See links above]