DIY || The Three Filament Bulb lamp

Happy Monday!  Sorry I missed you all on Friday- life got in the way a little bit.  But to make it up to you I have this easy and dramatic DIY- a three bulb filament bulb lamp.  My husband came up with this one and executed it all by himself. I was so impressed.  So, when I asked if I could post it on the blog he was thrilled because that is the ultimate seal of approval.  So here is what you need:

1 ||  A lamp base.  We used one similar to this.
3 ||  Three filament bulbs.  Here is an amazing selection.  We chose three different making the whole look more exciting.

All you need to do is screw one of the Y-double socket converters into the base and then screw the second Y-double converter into the original Y-double converter.  So you end-up with three sockets.  Screw in the pretty bulbs and that's it!!

Love, love, love it!!  And the fact that it was my husband's creation makes it all the more sexy.  What do you think?

[all photos by AC]