I have been tagged || 14 Things about Me

I was tagged by two lovely ladies at once.  Since they were both different questions I decided to double up and post it all today.  So you will be finding out a lot of about me....Not sure if you want to or not :) These first questions were posed by Elisa of Fancy Free Me.  And the second set of questions was posed by Brittany of Classically B.

After learning all of that....I still hope you love me. Yeay!  My turn!  I would like to tag Elizabeth, Sam, Gaby, Alison, and either Alexa or Kirby (or both!).

Here are my questions: 1 || Favorite book? 2 || Favorite Artist? 3|| Every Home needs this 
4 || Favorite way to celebrate 5 || Favorite piece of advice 6 || What is something that is signature you 7 || You are happiest when?  I'm looking forward to reading your replies!  And if you weren't tagged you can still leave your answers below!