On My Mind || Pumpkins and other shiny things

I finally bought some pumpkins!  I adore having them in the house it just makes fall more real.  And we are having a little cold front which is exciting.  Fall is officially in the air.  We usually carve one of the pumpkins near Halloween night and put a candle inside.  I love the shadows it casts.  After we make pumpkin soup and some other form of pumpkin food and boy have I been compiling some good recipes off of Pinterest that have me pining for pumpkin goodness like this and this recipe).  But carving a pumpkin is HARD work!  So I'm loving all these no carve pumpkin decorating ideas.  Love what Style Within Reach is coming up with using paints, sequins, and sparkles.  Also, Erika from Smallshop did some fab ones last year.

Karl Springer Gold-Leaf Chairs || Help!  These are so beautiful! and the price is not terrible  I'm completely in love them.  They have 6 available!  And you all know how much I love his designs (here and here)

All in one Arm party ||  Cute bracelet! And you don't have to worry about designing the perfect stack because its done for you already! So convenient.

Curved Brass Etagere || Heaven.  The price is available on request.  This cannot be a good sign.

What beautiful things are on your mind lately?