Your Thoughts || Handbag Knock-offs

I can't tell you how glad I'm that it's Friday. Phew! That was one crazy week. I was smitten by this image- the composition, the sense of movement, the color, the wild shoes I would never wear but admire. And of course the beautiful Hermes croc bag had me at "H"ello.  It is very similar to a bag that used to be my grandmother's and was passed down to me.  I love it and wear it all the time.  It's so chic and just reminds me of her.  I can picture her wearing her fuschia lipstick and her heavy perfume waiting by the door, waiting for the rest of us to be ready.  She was always ready.  Up for anything, at any time and before any of us knew what we were even up to.  So, about this bag that was passed down to me- its a knock-off.  A good, expensive one at that (not made in China), but made in Italy with beautiful croc leather.  It even has the brand in the inside (so, no it doesn't say Hermes).  Here is my question- Do you have any knock-offs in your closet? Would you? Could you?  Is it a sin?  not so terrible?  But of course I have some!

I'm proud of this one and it will be well taken care of and even passed down to my little one.  I adore it actually.  Just want to see what your thoughts are.

And of course it's Friday so I need to talk about the One Room Challenge (ORC). This week is the midway point, which is exciting, so three more weeks to go.  Ok, the most exciting post for me on the ORC this week was Andrea's from the Glam Pad.  You have to see the sink she got for $250! You will die (let's say she has a $20K savings). Beth from designPost interiors shares some wonderful sources for baskets and pillows here.  And I can tell Elizabeth will have the coolest playroom on the block- go adore her new stripes here.  I also really loved Jennifer's ikea lampshade DIY (even though she is not going to use it on her room makeover).  The idea of users color dye with syrenges is genious and easy, plus the results are good-looking. See here (you need to scroll all the way down). Oh and Charmaine's efficiency kills me.  She accomplished the most this week, no kidding!

Ok, so back to the knock-offs.... Do tell.

Ok, kiddies, that's it for this week. xx

[image via HonestlyWTF ]