A Fare Day at The Fair with Gold and Gray

The Texas Fair is big and fun.  It's once a year and they always have the best fried anything you can imagine (or least they tell me this, I just like getting cotton candy).  Our dear and sweet friend Lily from Gold and Gray jewelry often visits the area from L.A. and Elizabeth and I put our heads together on a fun photoshoot we could do with her to showcase some of her beautiful pieces (highly coveting this one lately!).  And what could be more fun than a day at the fair?  ( I have yet to take my daughter this year, don't tell her I already went without her!). 

Apart from taking the photos it's hard to decide which ones are worth editing, and then which ones are the best ones to post.  A good photo can be good because the composition is great, or because it captures a unique moment that communicates something special, or because it the lighting is perfect...there are many different reasons why one would consider a photo to be a good one.  So this is my humble effort to chose the best ones out of more than 300 photos- Enjoy the arm and neck parties we styled with all those Gold and Gray designs.

Ok.  So are you dying over Lily's beautiful necklaces and bracelets?  I have these bracelets which I promise I lived in all summer....and this necklace that I rarely take off....how weird but it goes with everything!  My husband sure pampered me with that one.  And isn't Elizabeth a great model? I love that she is such a fun model, has such fabulous taste and wears everything so beautifully that it just makes you want it all...I need that kimono top stat!  I bet she posted where its from...I think topshop.

Lily and Elizabeth will also be posting today.  Go check out what photos they chose.  I placed maybe like 70 (or more!) photos on dropbox (out of more than 300) so they could pick and chose the ones they liked best.  So, I'm curious to see which ones they preferred, what kind of story they will tell on their posts, and what they will focus on.  So with one set of photos you will have three perspectives....let's see what that translates to.

Aside from spending some quality time with these two beautiful and sweet friends my aim was just to practice my photography.  I took a few hours to capture the color, the excitement, the noise, the food while never losing sight of the task at hand which was highlighting the jewelry.  I used different lenses, had to be constantly aware of severe shadows and changes in light.  It's really wonderful to collaborate with other creatives.  I hope this is one of many more future stories to tell.

Before you leave me...a parting random thought...where has My Melody (the little bunny looking stuffed animal with pink ears) been lately?  Why did Hello Kitty have such staying power and not My Melody? hhhmmmm....

Also, what kind of collaborations are your favorite in this blogging world? 

[all photos by AC]