The Design Daredevil on TV!

Happy Monday!!  I hope all your weekends were fun and perfect.  We had a sick little girl to take care which completely changed our weekend plans but it's ok since sick baby girl is almost always equal to cuddling with said baby girl 24/7.  But it was an exciting Sunday evening because it was the premier of Season 8 of HGTV Star.  And you know what makes it so exciting?  Jesse from The Design Daredevil is a contestant.  I have been following her blog for a while (it was introduced to me by Jessica from The Aestate) and love that I now get to know Jesse's personality through the show.  This girl is cool- aside from having fabulous taste, and the best curls and nails in town, she is the sweetest!  And so brave, obviously! It takes some courage to be in a reality TV show for sure, but the rewards are big.  Help me root for her will ya?

Dark and moody! Perfect.  With this apartment this guy is not staying a bachelor for too long. My favorite part are those wooden bookshelves with painted grey backing!  What's yours? You can tell Jesse is awesome through these photos right? Go check out her blog and show her some love.

[all images via the Design Daredevil]