On My Mind || Blue and Green

Green is my favorite color- it's bright, happy, hopeful, and fresh.  Before I started wearing contacts I used to wear bright green glass frames.  So, I would style my outfits with other pops of green....green necklaces, flats, sweaters.....So now that I no longer wear glasses I don't wear as much green as I used to, but I love incorporating it in my home and think one of its best partners in crime is blue.  These are just some green and blue things inspiring me lately -

This fabulous painting paired with this blue velvet chair!  Too perfect.  Don't get me started on velvet...in my next re-upholstery wave I guarantee many things will be draped in it.  It just makes everything look richer.  My good friend recently invited a group of friends for brunch at her house and she had these cute tumblers for the orange juice.  Precious!  She actually had them in blue and I discovered they come in an assortment of colors, but of course fell in love with the green.  There is nothing simpler than dressing up a table setting with cute and colorful tumblers. They really add personality and texture. Then, ever since I spotted this beautiful marble green box at the Zhush I can't stop thinking about it. It is a little treasure that would look amazing in any coffee table or bookshelf. 

And what do you think about these cloud pendants?  They are so ethereal and visually light, as if it were floating near your ceiling.  My aunt discovered them and sent me the article. When one of your sweetest, most elegant, and chic aunts sends you a link to an interesting article you pay attention because you know it's going to be good.  Now I'm slightly obsessed and want one!  You can read more about them and their designer here. And finally...who doesn't love a pair of Foo Dogs?  Not only do they symbollically protect you but as of late I have seen some in such beautiful colors and at some fabulous prices (these are on sale!) that its hard to resits and not incorporate the trend in your home.  This blue is just so good!  I have a pair of large ones and love how they balance out my fireplace in my living room.  Here is a pic (sorry its not a great one...)

What is on your mind lately?  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

[ interior decor image is from Architectural Digest via | green tumbler | green marble box | cloud pendants | Foo Dogs ]