Luxe Lusting || Be Brilliant

This Mawi sparkly clutch has been living rent free in my mind for a while now.  And since many times I sue this blog as therapy I can post it here in hopes that one of you get it and enjoy it.  Its happy, lively, BEAUTIFUL, fun, and it can pretty much be the outfit itself.  You don't need much else but I just loved these classic gold sandals.  And because your home deserves the same amount of reflective quality I present to you this fabulous leaf pendant and this shiny cool throw pillow.  Both are sexy and chic. 
But you know what I really want to quench my thirst for sparkle in the home?  This sculpture by Doug Aitken.  Sometimes MORE is just MORE.  I just adore this room featuring it that recently came out in Elle Decor-

This kind of a piece really gets my DIY juices flowing.  I need some mirrored wall art! hmmmmmm....  What shiny things are inspiring you lately?