Art to Outfit || Black and White

When I received an email from Moda Operandi and their huge sale I immediately logged on to see if certain things that I had been coveting from afar had a more attractive-to-me price.  And yes, there were (are) many beautiful things on super sale, especially a lot of precious shoes.  But God forbid you thought about the purchase for more than a few minutes because that coveted item would no longer be available.  I am rarely an impulse shopper so at least a few minutes of analysys are always in order, but in this case, the few pairs of sandals that I may have purchased immediately sold out (phew! it was kind of a relief!) But alas, I did fall in love with this very practical and chic black and white dress.  And it's still available if you can believe it!  Its muted coloring made me think of a few paintings I had seen by Kerri Rosenthal.  Wao! Her paintings are fabulous.  Her abstract pieces are especially appealing to me. So I made this ideal pairing-

Add some cute everyday sandals, perfect matching earrings and a pop of color and whimsy in this fun tote and you have a very practical and chic outfit.  I think this kind of dress could easily become my uniform as it is kind of a no-brainer but instantly put together outfit. 

Cause you know, I have to remind myself its not all about color.  Black and white can sometimes feel as even more expressive because other attributes end-up taking center stage- like movement in this case.  I want to live in this black and white cocoon today!  Complete with its moodiness and intrigue. What is your mood like today?