Things that make you go hmmmmm????

Just a few months ago my globe-trotter uncle gave me fabulous t-shirt he got in his travels.  I actually have a photo of it on Instagram here.  He got it when he visited this Salvador Dali museum.  I was intrigued by these lips- so extravagant and flamboyant, and really kind of sensual with a hint of scary as well.  I had no idea Dali had designed any jewelry.  So, I began to research a little to understand what these jewels were about.  And a few days ago I came across this Lulu Frost ring.  Hmmmm??  This seems familiar!

Dali is best known for his surrealist paintings for sure, but between 1941 and 1970 he designed 39 pieces of fine jewelry. He even designed pieces for Coco Chanel.  And do you know what was the inspiration behind these lush ruby lips and shiny pearl teeth?  Marilyn Monroe. He was reportedly obsessed with her.  There are 8 to 10 of these ruby lipped brooches.  

So, Dali's inspiration was Marylin Monroe and Frost's inspiration?  Well, its obvious, no?  I just wish she could have given her ring a name to somehow make reference to the source. It's human nature to imitate and further anything that calls our attention by adding our own interpretation, our own vision.  But its always nice to know the history behind a design.  So now you know!  Dali's brooch....ooh probably around $10,000, Lulu Frost's ring....$60 (you are welcome!)  And perfect for this lips trend revival we had earlier this year (or is it still going?)

So, where do you gather inspiration from?  

[Dali's Brooch | Lulu Frost ring ]
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