My pillows on Roxy's The Everygirl feature!!

My sweet beauties! I cannot tell a lie, I'm thrilled its Friday because I get to catch-up on what feels like a huge backlog of to-dos!  The list just keeps getting longer.  How does this happen?  Life as usual I guess.

Well, I'm so, so excited to share with you these beautiful photos of Roxy's feature on the Everygirl.  Roxy from Society Social is such an inspiration.  You know I love raving about her, but really she just never seizes to amaze me.  Read the article, you will fall in love with her even more.

And did you see the beautiful pillows featured?  My orange and pink pagoda pillow and the pink peaks one made the cut!! I loved the styling and photography.  Wao!  This was so much fun to see, especially because I had no idea my pillows would be a part of it.  

Rest well this weekend. Recharge. xx

[photos by Lawrence Te via de Everygirl ]