Lusting Over Lace

Its no secret lace is in vogue- from housewares, to jewelery, to clothing and has been for a few years now. Gilded lace accessories are really having their moment now (much like the cuff and earrings above).  The first time I came across gilded lace jewelry was when we met  Monika Knuttson to interview her for our blog (read the post here).  These pieces are truly delicately beautiful.  Ever since, I have been seeing more and more artists explore this art-from of dipping lace in gold.  I feel like lace is having a revival and is no longer your grandmother's lace but a modern, edgier lace, no longer reserved for wedding dresses.
Funny enough I wanted to write a post on modernly decorated rooms with lace bedding last night.  But I could not find one single photo (yes, Pinterest failed me) that fit into this category- not a one!  All I could find was lace bedding in shabby chic decorated rooms, which is kind of what we are used to seeing together. But I have a gut feeling we will start seeing more lace pop-up combined in with the more contemporary design.   If it does happen, you read it here first, if it doesn't, forget I mentioned it (ha! either way I win).  My sweet aunt has given me some beautiful linens with lace accents that are simply spectacular and a tablecloth that is stunning.  If you remember I used it to set our Christmas table, but I almost feel like I need to frame it or use it in a more special way. Let's see what I can come up with. I was looking through lace related items and I noticed a lot of beautiful lace pieces either for the home or to wear that felt updated, modern, and very chic.  So, I gathered some for your review.  Are those ballerina's too bridal you think?  Cause I think they are divine! maybe with white jeans?  or am I crazy?  And that white lace sweatshirt is awesome!

[ 1| white lace sweater , 2| black jeans , 3| white top , 4| shorts , 5|  lemon top , 6| earrings ,7| sunglasses , 8|placemat , 9|  shoes, 10| cuff , 11| lantern ,12|  glass ,13| pillow,  14| flatware ]