Luxe Lusting || Legally Pink Edition

Welcome to today's Luxe Lusting feature filled with all shades of happy pinks.  I know not everybody loves pink, but you can't deny its a happy Spring color and it plays so well with so many other colors.  You know what color combination I'm loving lately is pink, black, and white.  Soft and edgy at the same time.  Here is an outfit and a vignette with this color scheme to help you visualize -

You agree with me I hope.  Pink is hot and black and white make it hotter.

Let's start with the cutest bag you ever did see.  This precious Tory Burch bag is a little jewel isn't she?  Get on the list and pre-order it.  I have a feeling it will sell out fast.  Oh and the cute shoes? I can't resist a sweet scallop and a bow.  I have been eyeing (or eying if you prefer) this fabulous Art Deco mirror for a while now.  I just really love its shape and design.  And that cute lamp?  I will admit it, it looks like candy.  I almost want to lick it.

Have a wonderful and pinktastic day.

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