Tunics and Glasses

This rarely happens to me....where I have a few completely unrelated things I want to post and let you know about.  But alas, today this has occurred, so bare with me as you learn of two things you will fall hard for like I have (literally!).  And in true Mimosa Lane fashion one item is for you and the other item is for your home. 

Our Spring Break vacation is next week (yeay!) and I have been so, so good about not buying anything for the vacation (although I do need a new swimsuit. This is still on my to-do list).  But, I am lusting over Sheridan French's tunic collection.  And I think I may need one asap. The colorful prints and patterns are so cute and just ideal for a few days on the beach.  Pair this top with a cute skirt or white jeans and you have yourself a classic and chic outfit.  And those purple ballerina's I was loving yesterday would go so well with that turquoise and lime green top don't you think?  Sheridan French just has so much style.  She even runs marathons and has the cutest kids ever (I stalk her through her blog and instagram)....  Her pieces are wearable and with these color and patterns they are undeniably fun. In my book this is the uniform for any modern chic lady juggling a million things at once.  You can wear her designs like she says- from Carpool to cocktails! Agreed? Yes?  This is the beautiful Sheridan-

To read more about this inspirational beauty and see her beautiful home go here.

And the second thing I needed to tell you all about asap....are these gold glasses. from C. Wonder  D.Y.I.N.G. OMG right?  My sweet friend emailed me about them yesterday and I could not get my mind off them, so of course this is my queue to tell you about them.  If I can't stop thinking about something, then you need to know about it.  You know I pamper you and have to keep you in the loop about all things beautiful and trendy right?  Well, your bar is dreaming of glasses like these! TRUST.

Oooohh and the best part- Sheridan French has a special coupon code through Saturday where you can get 20% (use code HOPTOIT at checkout). Perfect to get anything in time for Easter.  So, HOP to IT. :)  I wish a had a special code for the glasses too...sorry! 

Any beautiful things you are dreaming about lately?  Do share! 

Sheridan French Tunics ||  Sherian French additional photos via matchbook Magazine ||  C. Wonder glasses ]