Pairing Shoes and Earrings

I spotted these cute purple Repetto ballerinas at No. 1/Le Jus the other day and fell instantly in love with them.  What a great color I thought to myself- so vibrant and happy. The next thought that crossed my mind was, but what would I wear them with?  I don't exactly have many purple items in my closet so the best solution I could come up with was to match the shoes to some statement earrings (this would work just as well with a necklace or a bracelet).  You could have some dramatic earrings with purple and then the purple shoes below .... and wear whatever you want in between- like jeans and a white t-shirt. The simpler the outfit, the better. This is a pretty neat trick.  It doesn't really matter what you wear, because the highlight of the outfit consists of the colorful shoes and the earrings.

I have been lusting after these Del Toro slippers since I saw them on a local designer's, Tish Cox, cute feet.  She is such a stylish lady with the most feminine, elegant and colorful dresses and tops you can imagine.  She wears her navy blue slippers all the time and says they are really comfortable.  How luxurious to sport them in a purple velvet! YUM!  The Anniel ballerina flats are darling with the little stars.  I love that touch of whimsy.  And the Repetto's are just so comfortable.  They are almost like being barefoot.  Their promise is one of grace and lightness- very poetic don't you think?

And what can I say about the earrings?  Just that I will take one of each please!!!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments yesterday!  So glad you enjoyed a few facts from my world.  Happy Tuesday!

[ row 1 || Del Toro Slippers , earrings
 [ row 2 || Earrings, Anniel ballerinas ]