DIY || Painted Mirror

My mirror is done!! I'm so excited to share with you this easy, inexpensive DIY that is BIG on statement and drama.  Its a lot of bang for your buck in my opinion. If you can remember I first came across a painted mirror in this post which served as my inspiration.  I hung it in a hallway to our bedrooms with the idea that it would add light, depth, and some excitement.  Goal achieved-  my trip from the kitchen to my bedroom is a fun jaunt. So, this is what I did:

I got this mirror from Ikea.  It is fabulous! It is nice and wide and the frame makes it look expensive.  You can also hang it both vertically or horizontally.  First, I taped the frame with blue painter's tape to protect it and then I used acrylic paint to paint it. Once dry, I took off the tape and hung it. Easy, peasy!

The fact that the work of art is a mirror makes it even more captivating. You have the paint painted on, which is static, and then the areas that remain unpainted mirror are an ever-changing canvas depending on the time of day and all the activity occurring in its vicinity.  Whatever is reflected on it at that specific moment is the work of art  that can never ever be replicated! Now that is cool in my book.  Try it! You will be happy you did, promise!

What projects are on your mind lately?

[photos by me for Mimosa Lane ]