I have been tagged- Five Things About Me

My sweet friend Molly from A Piece of Toast tagged me to share five things about me like she and Sally did last week.  She was so sweet to think of me so of course I will oblige.  Ok, so here goes. 

one  ||  I actually studied business in college and grad school.  Does that shock any of you? I have always been  artistic and creative but grew up under the impression that business was the proper career and anything else should just be a hobby.   And so now that I have been exploring my artistic side (better late than never, right?) through photography, the blog (I am really enjoying learning Photoshop on my own) , and my fabric designs I feel so energized and motivated.

two  ||  I have frizzy hair.  Like, very frizzy hair.  Don't let those long tresses in the photos above fool you (thank goodness for the proliferation of dry bars everywhere!).  I'm not saying I hide my frizzy hair, I actually sport it often and sometimes it behaves rather exotically beautiful, but I do love to have my hair straightened.  I feel like I look neater and somehow prettier?  (don't judge)  But, I have to tread carefully because now my daughter, who has curly hair,  is starting to notice these things and I want her to feel her mama is proud and confident in herself exactly as she is so she will follow and feel the same way.  Lead by example as they say.

three  ||  I'm very inflexible (physically that is!).  No matter how much yoga I do I am terrible at it.  I mean I can barely touch my toes.  But I really enjoy my practice and have learned to accept things as they are and work with what I have.  After all we are all striving toward something and battling our own battles so I try to not compare myself to the more limber ladies.

four ||  I love art. If I could spend my money freely and not have to worry about budgets and expenses and could buy whatever I wanted day in and day out, I would buy art.  I do collect pieces that fit in my budget from local galleries, artist friends, and even pieces I have found on etsy but I would really love to own pieces by major artists. My dream would be to own a Chagall.  One day while strolling down Madison Avenue in NYC I spied a beautiful Chagall painting in the window at a gallery and without thinking twice I went inside to ask about it.  I was really curious about the price.  Would be in the millions? in the high thousands?  This particular one was $250K (this was about 10 years ago!) which is way less than what I expected. Its nice to have such beautiful things in your ideal lust list right? A girl can dream.

five || I met my husband on a blind date.  If you are ever invited to go on a blind date, do it! you never know what can come of it.  I had been to a few terrifying blind dates but decided to give this one a try.  He was smitten right away (it was a lunch date) and at the end of the lunch he asked me out to dinner that same night. So sweet right?  but I had plans already.  So, he asked me to brunch the next day (he is very determined) and can you believe I had plans as well! So we settled on coffee before the brunch.  When I came back from having coffee with him and from the brunch I found a box of  champagne truffles, which I had mentioned were my favorites with the sweetest note from him.  The rest is history.  Do it!

Ok, that's it! Phew!  That was hard.  I don't share that much about myself here so I hope you still like me? :)  Thanks to Molly for thinking of me and now I'm tagging, Lindsay, Gaby, Erin, Alison and Jessica (I wanted to tag Sam also but she is going out of town and I don't want to add any more work before she leaves!).  I hope you ladies can do it and that you haven't been tagged yet.

[ all photos by me for Mimosa Lane.  I just wanted to show you my outfit for Saturday's fundraiser.  Oh and Yes, you were all right I recognized plenty of songs by Foreigner.  It was a blast! ( A blast from the past that is :)]
[ similar top , jacket (can't find it), skirt , shoes , bracelets , the purse isn't online sorry! ]