Wishing you a Relaxing and Liberating Weekend

Aren't these interesting?  A little eerie I know, and slightly disturbing, but thought provoking definitely. In their new series "Floating" Bence Bakonyi and Kira Koroknai explore the concept of man in  relationship to his environment.  Not only are they defying the laws of nature, i.e. gravity, but also seem to be completely detached from their environment.  They give a sense of freedom, yet not a very enviable state, at least in my opinion.  But how beautiful are they?!  Mystifying!  The photographer is Hungarian and has done other amazing series.  See here.  Like? or too bizarre?

||  See my guest post over at Linda's My Crafty Home Life.  I think you'll like it....and be sure to check out the mirror art at the end (total amazing and easy DIY)

||  Thank you to Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda for featuring my pagoda pillows.  She always has such sweet things to say.  Did I tell you we met for lunch?  What fun! 

||  In love with these headphones Jen from Made by Girl featured.  SO chic!  These need to go on my Christmas list (never too early to start getting ideas!)

||  Erin from Holtwood Hipster has me intrigued with  DIYs made out of concrete.  I'm especially drawn to the concrete votives (number 2).  Good right?

|| If you are wondering what kinds of shoes are trending for Spring/Summer. Gaby from The Vault Files has the scoop.

||  I found a great new etsy store for prints and original art called Pasadya.  Bookmark it!

|| If you are ever in need of party decor or craft ideas this is my new go to blog Chartreuse and a Twist.

Yeay!!  Have fun exploring these.  Love ya!  Rest well and have a wonderful weekend!  We are not doing much.  Just hanging out, making pancakes and going to kiddo birthday parties.