Boucherouite Rugs

Happy Monday sweet friends.  So, I aside from obsessing over the idea of the painted mirror as art project I spoke to you guys about last Friday in my guest post at My Crafty Home Life, I have been equally obsessing over the colorful rug in this photo.  It is a Boucherouite rug.  I didn't know about them so I was intrigued.  I enjoyed reading this post about them here.  Basically, they are made from re-purposed materials and the word Boucherouite refers to a form of rag created from wool and cotton, together with synthetic fibers.  Another main feature is their free-form composition.  I rounded a few more room photos so you can see them in action.

Beautiful aren't they?  Here are a couple of etsy store who sell them. This one and this one.  They seem so cozy and happy to me. 

Do you like them? or too colorful for you? 

( In case you are wondering, no, I haven't been to Ikea to secure my mirror yet for the art and mirror project, but I will!)

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