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I have from time to time posted about 'kid' things.  But only about something that I really love or something that has caught my attention.  This is the reason I'm posting about bows today.  As many of you know I have a five year old girl who is as girly as can be.  And one thing she can never pass up on is wearing a headband or a bow, and even sometimes both at the same time! (don't judge!).  She has quite the selection of bows, from the wide silk ones we get from Spain to clip-ons.  Some of her favorites ones are from a brand called via cacao.  They are sweet and pretty with a touch of bohemian spirit, perfect for a five-year-old.  She styles her hair with them, she uses them to decorate her shoes,  and even uses them on her dolls. They are quite beautiful on their own, like small pieces of art.  So, on a specific day, I decided to photograph them as I found them laying around the house.

A beautiful collection wouldn't you say?  I always keep a few on hand for a last minute birthday gift or as a hostess gift for a playdate. Via cacao is run by a husband and wife team who have two children from whom they gather all their incredible inspiration.  ( You can buy them here ).

Happy Tuesday my sweets!
[all images taken by me for ML ]