Art to outfit || A Colorful Soiree

Were the Oscar's fun?  I can't wait to watch the highlights later on today and to see the dresses.  I missed it!! Can you believe it?  Blame it on my new obsession with Downton Abbey (I just finished season two and I could not stop until I did!).  Ooohhh so good!  I will rely on you to tell me your favorite dresses of the Oscars and any gossip.  

Aside from many-a-Downton Abbey episode I had a wonderful weekend complete with the arrival of my parents an amazing dinner with Erika from Smallshop who was visiting Dallas (lucky me!) and Elizabeth from The Now Stylebook.  It was so, so great to meet Erika in person.  I am a big admirer of hers, her work, her style, and her amazing design skills.  And she was just as amazing and sweet as I imagined she would be.  It was also fun to get to know Elizabeth better because she is one of my favorites.  She is funny and sweet and I love admiring everything she wears.  She is always so effortlessly styled. I only know a few bloggers in real life so you can imagine this dinner with such special ladies was such a treat.  

Anyway....back to the issue at hand....this beautiful dress! (And its on sale for $127!) But really, everything is killing me....the beautiful painting by Lulie Wallace, the cuff (isn' it magical?  they come in different colors too!) , the pink pony clutch (something pink and hairy? yes please) , and the shoes.  I love it all. 

Happy Week! I hope its a good one.

[ painting $200 , dress $127!! , cuff $298 , clutch $50, shoes $345 ]