Ideas for DIY Art

I have been saving many DIY art ideas in my pinterest (you can follow me here ) and as I was looking through them I thought why not share them with all of you.  They are all pretty easy and if done well can look quite amazing and interesting with the added bonus that once praised by your friends you can state that you are in fact the artist! The way I see it DIY art is not only fun but rewarding.

So let's start with the piece above.  Paint your lips in different colors blot on a piece of paper and chose a fancy frame to increase the work's importance and give it weight. 

For this one you can enlarge some old stamps and print on thicker and nicer paper and frame individually.  What makes this so beautiful is that you can appreciate the detail in each stamp because they are larger, and because they are presented as a collection.  Being part of a large group gives more importance to the project.  Here are some other good examples of wall galleries.

Pick some colorful shopping bags and just frame them.  Its almost too easy to be so cute.

Here the array of colors and the fact that the pieces cover the entire wall makes the project the main event of this room.

I adore this one.  I think it was among my first pins when I joined pinterest.  With so many beautiful book covers you could try and scan the cover of your choice and if you have photoshop use the watercolor filter, print it and then enlarge it.  Here is a post on another way to go about DIYing this one with a beautiful result as well.

Use a silhouette and with painter's tape you can paint one part first, let dry and then paint the other.  The interesting thing here is the color selection and the way its framed.

Easy!  The reason why I think this looks so beautiful is because the painting follows the color scheme of the bedroom but in a different pattern and just plays so beautifully with the leopard chairs as well.

And you remember my easy and kid friendly DIY above right?  Perfect for a playroom.  I have two friends who made their own versions of this one.  I will get photos of them to share with you.  They came out so fab!

And this one could be interesting.  Pick out a shape, put glue, and just use sequins or glitter to fill it in.  The scale is what makes it so attractive as well as the shiny texture within.

I hope I have inspired you in some way.  Do you have any good art DIY's you want to share with me?

[ 1, 2 this is from Ethan Allen's catalog , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ]